Cameron Red X Mallet


The Scotty Cameron Red X Mallet X3 and Red X5 feature refined shapes with a glare-resistant Charcoal Mist finish for unmatched looks and feel. Both models are precision milled from 303 Stainless Steel and finished with a black anodized aluminum soleplate with red graphics that conceals the precise internal weighting.

The Cameron Red X X3 features a classic, single bend shaft with ¼ shaft of offset for the ideal toe-flow through the stroke. Its design takes a classic mallet into another realm of performance and style.

The Red X X5 features a plumbing neck with a full shaft of offset for a clean, contemporary look. The soft lines of the Cameron Red X Mallet X5 complemented with the precise setup of the plumbing neck give players confidence at address. With its glare-resistant finish and single sight line to aid with alignment, the Red X5 offers superior design, performance and feel.

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