Studio Select Newport

Cameron Studio Select Newport

With the Studio Select Newport Scotty Cameron added several design enhancements to this new line of Studio Select Putters. With its bold, Tour-inspired Cherry Dot graphics, precision milled 303 stainless steel body, and factory interchangeable weights, it's on of Scotty Cameron's most technologically-advanced Studio Select putters ever.

The stepless shaft provides a clean appearance at address, and the Cameron Newport comes without a milled sight dot or sight line. With its high toe profile aiding in a correct setup at address and its plumbing neck providing a full shaft of offset, the Studio Select Newport is Scotty Cameron's definition of a high-performance putter and is highly sought after by gold enthusiasts and professionals every where.

You will find a great deal on one right here. The inventory changes daily so be sure to bookmark this page and cheek back often.

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