Cameron Limited Release

Limited Release

Scotty Cameron's latest Limited Release putters show his mastery of matching sleek style and elegance with outstanding feel and superior performance. The Button Back is named for the three screws resembling buttons that hold the Teryllium inlay in place. These highly-anticipated and sought after putters merge the soft buttery feel and unmistakable character of Scotty's Teryllium inlay putters with the weighting technology developed for the Studio Select line.

Available in two models, the 34" Newport and the 34" Newport 2, the Limited Release Button Back putters are precision milled from 303 stainless steel with a Teryllium face inlay secured by the 3 "button" screws. A luxurious leather hand stitched grip with matching copper thread and a genuine steer hide leather headcover perfectly complement and protect the Cameron Limited Release Button Back putters.

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