Scotty Cameron GOLO 2015

The Cameron GOLO 2015 Putter

Cameron Golo 2015The Scotty Cameron Golo 2015 Putter utilizes innovative face-sole core technology. This feature is engineered into each new Cameron GOLO 2015 putter. Very few sensory perceptions rival the satisfaction of a perfectly struck putt. And, that sensation can be experienced with every roll. The Cameron GOLO family is a collection from Scotty Cameron with the most forward-thinking design thoughts merged into a line that offers a variety of putter shapes and configurations to fit any player’s game. Each GOLO putter model incorporates new multi-material, aircraft-grade aluminum and precision milled 303 stainless steel construction for improved MOI, increased stability and unbelievable forgiveness. The GOLO line combines Scotty Cameron’s affinity for high-performance putters with his decades-long reputation for classic putter design.
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