Scotty Cameron Newport 2

Scotty Cameron Newport

cameron newport 2

Studio Select  Newport 2

Scotty Cameron Newport, Studio Select Newport 2 with its crisp, familiar lines has been expertly refined and improved from subtle milling enhancements to the Scotty Newport new sole profile. Sporting bold, Tour-inspired Cherry Dot graphics, precision milled 303 stainless steel head, and factory interchangeable weights, the Scotty Newport is Scotty Cameron’s most technologically-advanced Newport 2 ever.

Sole weights on a Scotty Cameron Newport can be changed by the Custom Shop to suit a player’s preferred setup relative to putter length and desired headweight. The stepless shaft provides this Cameron Putter with a clean appearance at address, and the Scotty Newport 2 comes with a milled sight line in the flange.

With its high toe profile that aids a player in a correct setup at ball address and its plumbing neck providing a full shaft of offset, the Studio Select Newport 2 is Scotty Cameron’s version of a high-performance putter.

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A Look at the Scotty Cameron California Putter

scotty cameron california

The Scotty Cameron California, his recent putter line embodies all of the unique attributes that make Cameron milled putters instruments of putting art. Cameron Putters feature high-quality, precision-milled stainless steel; refined and masterful design aesthetics. Cameron’s tour-proven putter designs incorporate many customizable specifications. A smart, interchangeable weight system with classic accessories supplement every players wants and desires.

Simply titled California, the new Cameron putter line includes the milled-from-the-block Coronado pintail, compact Sonoma wide-body, elegant Monterey blade and the refined Del Mar mid-mallet.

Named after some of Scotty’s favorite California towns, each high-toe model merges the best of classic, old world putter design with modern, performance-based technology. Classic Cameron Interchangeable sole weights give players the ability to match a putter’s head weight to a preferred length. The misted honey dipped finish complemented with translucent merlot and French vanilla paint fill will remind players of a golden California evening as the sun dips into a sunset over the Pacific.

The Cameron California is a modern and classic design, working together like cool jazz and fine wine.

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